private sessions

Are you ready to surrender?

I create and facilitate sensual sessions where I hold space for you to let go; to enter into a meditative state that allows you to be fully present in your body, through your senses.

Whether you’re curious to tap into your erotic potential, explore new physical and mental sensations, or simply crave skilled touch and the feeling of being held, I’ll create a custom session just for you.


Sensory Journey

A guided tour through your sensory landscape…

In my erotic sensory-play sessions, I invite you to a sacred, sensual, exploration aimed to take you deep into yourself and land you in the here and now. For this journey you may completely relax and let go of the world around you. Let’s go to a place where nothing exists outside the warm, sensous bubble we create together. Lay back and let me guide you there. 

Apart from my hands (my most important tool), I have warm massage oils to hot wax, ice cubes, feather ticklers, ropes, fans, pinwheels, blindfolds, and more, to aid us along the way. Whether you’re looking to explore more intense sensations at the threshold between pleasure or pain, or you crave a soft, soothing and gentle voyage, I’ve got you covered. 

Shibari / rope sessions

Let me catch you.
In my ropes. 

I offer professional and safe(r) Shibari sessions focused around deep connection, trust, and surrender. I create space for you to lean in, feel held and be fully present in your body—with me—in the moment. Let me guide you. Through pleasure, pain, catharsis, and release.

Personally, I love how being tied make me feel vulnerable, seen, and held, while at the same time reminding me of my strength. In this space I’m able to forget the world outside and shut off the relentless chatter of the monkey brain. Being tied encourages a keen awareness of my body. It always makes me feel sensual, sometimes aroused, and other times darker feelings or memories resurface. I welcome them all. Afterwards, I experience a sense of release; a lightness that lingers for days. 

When I tie you, I seek to transmit the things that makes Shibari so special to me; I want to give the gift of surrender and catharsis, I want you to feel what I feel, and at the same time give space for you to bring to it your unique self and whatever comes up for you.

Photo by Tim
Ready to book a session? still Have questions?

Contact me to schedule and plan for your upcoming appointment. Curious, but still not sure? I’m happy to answer any question you might have, via email or a scheduled phone call. 

love notes & testimonials
What people have said

  • I’ve had a few private sessions with Ena. By creating a comfortable and safe environment she enables me to reconnect with my own natural healing powers, and channel my energies in the right direction. She’s a sensual artist with an incredible understanding of psychology and sexuality that translates easily into bespoke, individualized sessions.

    —Anais, Berlin DE
  • Ena’s unique approach of combining various sensory elements, energy healing and massage felt divine. I loved the variety, moving from feathers to wrapping me in a rope cocoon, making me feel like a child in a loving mother’s arms. A cathartic experience that left me deeply relaxed and energized for days. I also loved the personalized oil that I now use when I need to feel grounded.

    —Tilda, Berlin DE
  • I sat down, closed my eyes, and drew air deep into my stomach. Upon feeling Ena’s hands on my skin, wrapping the rope around me, I floated off into sub-space almost instantly. Ena’s hands are made of stardust and her energy is magic. She made me melt, like butter. A very special experience!

    —Ada, Berlin DE
  • Our joint energy had such an interesting movement; tidal, like a warm ocean. The self-intimacy was fascinating; to hold myself—me bound to me—was unexpectedly comforting, and when you held me in your arms I almost wept. What a wonderful experience! Thank you for your hands, time, and energy. I sense my internal balance has positively shifted, and today I’m buoyant, yet soft, like a meringue balloon.

    —Daniel, Berlin DE
  • My first-ever rope session with Ena was mindblowing. She has a wonderful, soft yet strong way of bringing you into a rope mindspace; a blessing for me who struggle to let go. While tied, I felt held and loved through pain, pleasure, and relief. I felt tenderness, trust, and an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for life. Waves of energy flowed through me, meanwhile, I was fully present in the here and now. An unforgettable experience that taught me about life, body, and spirit. Highly recommended, also for first-timers like me.

    —Josie, Berlin DE

The anatomy of a session

What to expect?

I call my sessions intuitive because they don’t follow a set script, therefore, I’m tempted to say, expect the unexpected. Even so, there’s a framework:


Before our first session, you’ll fill out an intake form that helps me understand you better. I ask to be explicitly informed of any physical or psychological conditions that may put either of us at risk.


I’ll welcome you into my warm, soothing space, where we’ll have a cup of tea and a chat about your expectations and wants, as well as boundaries and limits. If we’re involving ropes, we speak about safety, potential risks, and how to best avoid any harm.

The session

This part looks different depending on what you seek. Besides, I’ll listen to you and your body, and respond, as we go along.


After intense journeys and rope sessions, I strive to deliver you gently back into the real world. 


I leave space at the end for a quick debrief, for feedback, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Post-session check-in

You’ll always hear from me via text or email the next day to ask how you’re feeling. If anything comes up after that, I’m there and available to you. 

Photo by Amelie_Alternate

In my Kreuzberg-studio. I’ll send you directions via email after booking.


Sessions start at 1.5 hours* and last up to 3 hours.

*15 – 30 minutes of a full session is dedicated to pre-negotiation and post-session de-briefing. 


I welcome humans of all ages, sexes, genders & orientations. The only requirement is that you’re open to receive. 


Something light & comfortable ≈ yoga- or underwear. Please, pay attention to personal hygiene & avoid strong perfumes. 


Though sessions are inherently sensual, all touch is non-sexual & one-way only.

No technique, touch or sensory application is taken into use without prior consent. You’ll receive an ‘intake form’ before our first meeting, and we always prenegotiate before we begin any session. 

Request to book a session

Be aware: A session request is not a binding booking. You will receive an automated booking confirmation, but I will get in touch with you within 12 hours to request a one-on-one phone call and confirm our session.

Image gallery
session impressions

I don’t take photos during private sessions unless explicitely requested and agreed to beforehand. The majority of the pictures below are from rope sessions with friends, collegues, and ongoing tying partners.


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Here you will find some of my top articles related to sexual energy & healing. You can find the complete list of my sexuality writing here, on Medium.

Learning to take charge of your primal energy and focusing it, rather than having it flow in any direction at its own will, can ultimately lead you more confidently on the trajectory of your dreams and aspirations.

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