Transmute Energy With Chakra Masturbation

A guide to sexual alchemy through mindful self-pleasure
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Self-pleasure can be an act of self-love, but did you know that ‘giving yourself a hand’ can be a way to re-direct your energy and reach your goals?

Masturbation is a tool with many applications

Whether you ‘Jack-off’ or ‘diddle the Skittle’, (thank you Peaches) masturbation is a multi-purpose pursuit.

A little ‘downstairs DJ-set’ can fulfill a physical need by temporarily quieting our urges—scratch an itch, so to speak. We can further use it to calm our nerves, gain focus, or relax.

I find a round of ‘double-clicking’ to be a great sleeping aid, and often do it to wind down my buzzing brain after a long day.

A perk of freelancing from home is that you can take a small ‘detour’ to ‘orbit Venus’ between big tasks, or to un-frazzle when you’re stressed out.

Tap into your potential

Another euphemism for masturbating, ‘tapping into your potential’ is more spot-on than most are aware of. In my recent article, Create With Your Libido—Fuck With Your Creativity, I touch on how all of our vital energy springs from the same source; our libido gives birth to all life, as well as to our passions and artistic expressions.But, how can we utilize and direct this energy consciously?

How I discovered chakra masturbation

When I first did this, I thought I was inventing something ‘silly’ on my own, but I later found that using masturbation to heal is nothing new. Various resources on Tanta and sex magick touch on the topic, yet, there doesn’t seem to be a set method for it.

My own approach was developed through experimentation around what works for me, so by sharing, I invite you to interpret and use it in whatever way makes sense to you.

What is sexual energy transmutation?

I stumbled upon the concept of energy transmutation at a time when I was in the process of letting go and changing things around, in the aftermath of a big, life-changing event.

I, then, become occupied with the idea of alchemically transforming my painful experiences into something beautiful—to “gold”. This was ultimately what led me to start writing as well.

Transmutation is defined by the dictionary as “a change into another nature, substance, form, or condition,” and alchemy is “any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new”.

When I use the two terms in relation to my work with sexual energy and healing, as well as for my creative and artistic work, I’m referring to the action of transforming something that is already there; something mundane, into something useful—or even divine.

In order to make personal changes, you need self-awareness

To transform anything, you must first do a bit of soul-searching: What needs to change? Why? How? And into what?

Through my own process, I realized a few things about myself: I possess a well of sexual passion, but was lacking vitality in my practical and professional life. Parallel, I have infinite confidence in the abundance of my sexual energy and the utmost faith that connection and intimacy flow in my direction.

Opposite, I’d been stuck in a scarcity mindset around everything to do with monetary success and even basic security.

I traced the cause back to past events and my upbringing. Believing so firmly that all life force is connected, the idea of shifting parts of my sexual energy towards the healing of my damaged relationship with money, made perfect sense to me.

I figured that if I could adapt the same abundance mindset about money that I naturally have about sex and intimacy, I could help steer myself in the right direction.

Manifest abundance?

I must point out that I’m not someone who believes that “thinking positive thoughts is going to make everything come to me”. Instead, I lean towards the idea that “good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up”. Add some talent and a dash of luck, and you’re on your way—still, with no guarantee.

I believe in manifestation to the point where I’m sure that self-destructive beliefs won’t do us any good: If we can eliminate the subconscious blockages that hold us back, we’re better equipped to succeed—when we work hard.

There’s no magical, overnight way to ‘sex’ ourselves into wealth and power (I wish), but we can connect with our vital energy and point it in the direction of our goals.

The saying goes that “where energy flows, attention goes”, and this, I’m convinced of.

How to chakra masturbate

1. Familiarize yourself with the chakras

If you know what they are, you can skip this step. If not, gaining a basic idea of the chakra system is recommended.

Simply put, chakras are nodes that transmit energy throughout the body. We have seven of them, starting at the base of the spine. Like electric nodes, every other chakra has a masculine (+) and feminine (–) charge.

In the chart below, you see their names in Sanskrit, as well as their assigned colors and symbols.

The root chakra—Muladhra—located at our perineum, associated with the feeling of safety and stability.

The sacral chakra—Svadhishthana—corresponds to our sex organs and rules our emotional body and sensuality.

The solar plexus chakra—Manipura—is characterized by the expression of will and personal power.

The heart chakra—Anahata—colors our life with compassion, love, and beauty.

The throat chakra—Vishuddha—connects our mind-body energy, is driven by expression and communication.

The third eye chakra—Ajna—is the center of intuition and foresight, driven by openness and imagination.

The crown chakra—Sahasrara—found at the top of the head, gives us access to higher states of consciousness.

2. Set an intention

By tuning into the flow of our vital force, we can work to consciously move this energy from our roots, through to the top of our heads. Our goal can be to simply strengthen our flow, or we can decide to focus on a specific area of our mental and/or physical selves.

According to the chakra map, each physical part of the body has a psychological counterpart. This plays out in the way that we often experience physical ailments in the parts of our bodies that relate to a psychological issue.

If we, for example, struggle to assert ourselves and hold our ground, we may, as a result, experience tension in the solar plexus area. More serious illnesses can eventually materialize physically from years of unresolved mental tension.

If you can identify any such correlation in your mind/body and assign it to one of your chakras, you might want to focus especially on that in your practice.

You may also want to set a very concrete goal, such as to advance in a creative endeavor, like writing, and point your energy towards that.

3. Ditch the visuals

Many are dependent on imagery to ‘get off’ solo, and some are unable to ‘DIY it’ without watching porn.

I normally prefer the ‘spank-bank’ in my head, where I can easily switch channels whenever something isn’t working — and it allows me to leave out all the cheesy storylines and the bad lighting as well.

But, what happens if we don’t use imagery at all? What if we only tap into the sensations we’re feeling?

If we want to tune into our vital energy and work on transmuting it, we must ditch the visuals, including the ones in our heads, and only be present in our bodies.

4. Get comfortable

I won’t tell you how to actually masturbate. Just relax and do what you normally do, making sure you have a bit of time, privacy and a comfortable space to do it in.

Playing calm music, lighting candles or using oils can help get you in the mood, but are not required.

5. Establish your breathing

Pay attention to your breath and establishing deep, long and slow breathing that goes all the way to the depth of your stomach, and all the way out. If you’ve ever meditated or done yoga, you know the drill.

Picture your breath as white light and visualize this light moving through you as you breathe. Once you’ve done that, locate the chakras in your own body.

6. Breathe through your chakras

As you breathe in, bring the white light deep into your root chakra at the base of your spine. On your out-breath, move the light up into your sacral chakra.

Adding one chakra at the time, for each breath in, go back down to your root, and for each breath out, move one chakra further up until you reach the crown chakra.

Repeat this, and keep going, slowly and steadily, while touching yourself in whatever way feels good to you.

If you’re able to control it, aim to last for a while, and then attempt to hold your climax until the exact moment when you pull the light up and out of your crown chakra.

This is the basic method, and it’s a wonderful way to connect and really feel everything with your senses and with your body, without being distracted by visuals. Further, the breathing technique can help intensify orgasms. In a sense, this is like meditation and masturbation, combined.

7. Point the energy at your goal

If you want to direct your life force towards a goal or endeavor, imagine this specific thing, a vessel floating just above your crown, at the top of your head. Each time you reach this spot, point your breathing and your energy in the direction of the vessel.When you climax, take the entire stream of white light and pour it into this vessel.

TIP: Use the technique with a partner

I often do this during partnered sex as well, and it can be especially powerful during slower sex, and even more so, when you and your partner breathe in synch with each other.

You can agree to do this with your partner, but you don’t have to. You can simply adjust to their breathing and do your thing.


There is no magic route to healing or to overnight success

Masturbating mindfully won’t solve your issues alone, but as with any mindful activity, such as meditation, yoga, journaling, etc, quieting and getting out of the mind and back in touch with our sensations, can help us get clearer about our paths.

Learning to take charge of your primal energy and focusing it, rather than having it flow in any direction at its own will, can ultimately lead you more confidently on the trajectory of your dreams and aspirations.

Everything is connected

When we, not only believe but start to feel how everything is connected; our energies as well as our minds and bodies, we will naturally gravitate towards more wholesome practices in general.

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