Intro to Powerplay, kink & BDSM

Topping from the Bottoms

The workshop we wish all our past doms had attended…

I’m very excited to team up with my sister in crime; the one who’s been by my side through everything kink related since we met at a munch and started our journeys some six years ago: Shirin!

Together we’ve created a 3 part event series for powerplayers: One for subs/bottoms, one for doms/tops, and one where all meet and mingle.

Topping from the bottoms. The event

When we started out as new subs, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we dove headfirst into a sub-frenzied whirlwind that took us to places we would have never imagined. Thankfully, in parts to having each other, it turned out alright (in the end…) 

On our paths, we’ve encountered every type of Dom and top, from the good (read: safe) to the bad, to the even worse. We’ve learned a lot, and these days, we play on both sides. 

Many say the best Doms are frustrated bottoms, and we believe there’s truth to that. But, is it possible to be a good Dominant without having been a submissive first? Yes, definitely, BUT not without the ability to put yourself in the submissive’s shoes.

This event is your invitation to step into our (metaphorical) shoes and learn everything we wish our past Doms had known before we played with them. If you’re someone exploring your dominant side, this is for you!

The evening will be loaded with all the knowledge and nuggets of wisdom we’ve gathered over the years. We’ll cover topics from, but not limited to:

  • How to approach a sub, what to look for, and watch out for. 
  • How to be a safe, sane and ‘good’ Dom.
  • What types of subs are there, and what kind of Dom are you?
  • Doms have boundaries too! Communicating your needs & desires + figuring out what these are.
  • Pre-negotiation, limits, boundaries, safe words & CONSENT.
  • Technical skills, and why they matter. 
  • Emotional vs. physical domination.
  • Pre-care, self-care, after-care & after-after-care.

— And much, much more! 

The vibe of the evening will be casual, filled with storytelling, open conversation, Q&A, and, most likely, a lot of laughter too. At the end of the night, you’ll go home with a bonus care package PDF filled with notes from the workshop + tips, articles & other useful material.

We look forward to spending time with you!


Now a versatile switch and eager rigger, Shirin started her journey as a submissive babygirl with a big thing for humiliation. While these sides still come out to play, they are now backed by years of experience and solid knowledge of herself and her boundaries. In her vanilla life Shirin is a podcast host, editor and professional musician.

Ena has gone from a hard necked power sub with a penchant for fear play and attraction to danger (and macho Doms with unhealthy egos), to a full-blown sensualist and rope (s)witch. Professionally, she’s a creative director, author, and a sexuality & kink writer/educator.

To register & for more info, email to hello[at]enadahl[dot]com 


October 27th 2023, 19:00–23:00


Ena’s studio in Kreuzberg. You’ll receive an email with directions when you register.


30€ per person.
(Student & low earner discount available upon request)


No prior exprience or knowledge needed.


English. With some support in German if required.


Maximum 16 people


Whatever you feel comfortable in




This is a safer space. All sexes, genders, and orientations are welcome here! Zero tolerance for intolerance.

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