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You are your own healer!

It’s always with caution that I use the word healer because the healer does not heal per se, but is, instead, a vessel or conduit for energy. Healing is something we do for, with and in ourselves while the role of the practitioner is to hold space in order to allow us to go there. 

When we connect during a session, you’ll receive only what your’re ready and open for. You literally pull the energy towards you; I channel it.


This was the realization with which I came to this work. After a dramatic life shift, a series of experiences allowed me to intuitively tap into my own erotic potential and use it as a means to transmute trauma and self-heal.

When I speak of erotic potential, I refer to our sexual and sensual energy, which is synonymous with life force, urkraft (primordial force), or libido. 

Back then, it felt as if I had discovered something new, but I realized quickly that these concepts are as old as time, yet often hidden in plain sight. 

When we touch the place in our lives where sexuality and spirituality come together, we touch our wholeness and the fullness of our power, and at the same time our connection with a power larger than ourselves.

—Judith Plaskow
your sexuality is the source of your strength

Discovering this quote by Plaskow made me realize that I had stumbled upon what felt like a universal truth; the connection between our sexuality and spirituality is indisputable, despite having been hushed down by monotheistic religions and patriarchy for centuries and beyond. 

We—women, especially—have been told to suppress our eroticism in order to be strong when the opposite is true: our sexualities are the source of our strength.

We all have the ability to connect with energies of a divine nature, and these powers are inside us, waiting to be awakened.

Photo by Javier Gonzales
Are you ready to touch on the fullness of your power? 

Whether you’re curious about how to tap into your erotic potential, get in touch with your inner sensualist, or simply wish to relax, surrender and let go, I’ll create a custom session just for you. Contact me to book an appointment.

The anatomy of a session

What to expect?

Since each session is unique, like you, I’m tempted to say, expect the unexpected. Even so, they follow a framework where certain elements remain consistent:

You’ll be welcomed into my warm, soothing space, designed to tantalize each one of your senses while providing a safe space to trust and let go.

Before the session begins, we’ll have a cup of tea and talk about your expectations and wants, as well as boundaries and limits.

The sessions themselves look different depending on what you seek. I’ll listen to you and your body, and respond, as we go along.

During sessions I may make use of elements from energy healing, bodywork & massage with custom essential oil mixes, various sensory play techniques, and shibari/rope.

*Consent is of the utmost importance, therefore no technique, touch or sensory tool is used without prior agreement. While inherently sensual, all touch is non-sexual and one-way only.

Photo by Amelie_Alternate
where does it take place?

In my Kreuzberg-studio. I’ll send you directions via email after booking.

cost & length of sessions?

Starting at 90€/90min and lasting up to 180min. (Sliding scale for low-income folks.)


I welcome humans of all ages, sexes, genders & orientations. The only requirement is that you’re open to receive. 


Something light & comfortable ≈ yoga- or underwear. Please, pay attention to personal hygiene & avoid strong perfumes. 


I’m currently training & completing my studies & will offer classic Reiki sessions later in 2022.

do you give shibari sessions too?

I work with ropes as one of my tools when this is pre-negotiated. I offer floor-work and partial suspensions, but no full suspensions (yet).

love notes
What people have said

  • Ena’s unique approach of combining various sensory elements, energy healing and massage felt divine. I loved the variety, moving from feathers to wrapping me in a rope cocoon, making me feel like a child in a loving mother’s arms. A cathartic experience that left me deeply relaxed and energized for days. I also loved the personalized oil that I now use when I need to feel grounded.

    —Tilda (40) Berlin DE
  • I sat down, closed my eyes, and drew air deep into my stomach. Upon feeling Ena’s hands on my skin, wrapping the rope around me, I floated off into sub-space almost instantly. Ena’s hands are made of stardust and her energy is magic. She made me melt, like butter. A very special experience!

    —Ada (32) Berlin, DE
  • Our joint energy had such an interesting movement; tidal, like a warm ocean. The self-intimacy was fascinating; to hold myself—me bound to me—was unexpectedly comforting, and when you held me in your arms I almost wept. What a wonderful experience! Thank you for your hands, time, and energy. I sense my internal balance has positively shifted, and today I’m buoyant, yet soft, like a meringue balloon.

    —Daniel (40), Berlin DE
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The erotic is a measure between the beginnings of our sense of self and the chaos of our strongest feelings. It is an internal sense of satisfaction to which, once we have experienced it, we know we can aspire.

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